Is it bad to ‘quit cold turkey?’ Smoking, alcohol, drugs, and more

Contents Feeling jumpy and restless Arguments Against Quitting Cigarettes in Recovery Should You Quit Smoking and Drinking at the Same Time? UChicago Medicine study of smoking […]

Muscle Relaxers & Alcohol Is it Safe?

Contents Muscle Relaxant May Help in Treating Some Aspects of Alcohol Dependence in Anxious People Can You Mix Muscle Relaxers and Alcohol? NSAIDs: Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs […]

Seven Motivational Books for Addiction Recovery

Content That Was Easy NLP: The Essential Guide Sobriety Gifts: The Major Impact of Celebrating Sobriety “Friends” Star Matthew Perry Opens Up About Decades-Long Struggle With […]

How to Stop Being an Angry Drunk Anger Management Program PA

Content Individual differences in trait urgency moderate the role of the affect heuristic in adolescent binge drinking Why “Am I an Alcoholic?” Is the Wrong Question […]

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